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Rimor, real artisanal Belgian beer!

Compared to other countries, Belgium has been known for its great diversity of beer types for many centuries. The richness of Belgian beers is internationally acclaimed and the origins of brewing dates back to the Middle Ages. We like to continue this tradition at Rimor Brewery, but with a surprising twist. Rimor means ‘exploring’ in Latin and we are happy to take all beer lovers on a journey of discovery to the special ingredients of our beers. Belgium’s most adventurous brewery!

Rimor – your discovery!

Vera en Emile Rimor

Emile & Vera have Dutch and Belgian roots.

Emile has been a big beer fanatic for many years and as a true Belgian, he’s especially a big fan of artisanal Belgian beers.

Vera, actually absolutely not a beer drinker before she met Emile, has fallen in love with this beer fanatic and well then there is no going back… She can now easily name all Trappist beers and Emile got some fierce competition at tastings.

Emile & Vera always go on adventures together. Long journeys filled with rock climbing, via ferrata, kayaking, (motor)cycling, hiking, camping and – not to forget – mini golf 😉. Centuries ago they’d probably been explorers themselves! As a consequence, the adventure not only beckoned in their spare time but also professionally. So what do (now) 2 beer lovers do: start Belgium’s most adventurous brewery of course! Together they have prepared delicious recipes with an eye for the Belgian quality but then a little different, a little more adventurous. Specialty beers, richly filled with extraordinary ingredients. Are you ready for a new beer discovery?

Rimor – your discovery!

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Ben jij oud genoeg om Rimor te ontdekken?

Helaas ben jij nog te jong om Rimor te ontdekken. Houd vol, het is het wachten meer dan waard 😊!

Are you old enough to discover Rimor?

Unfortunately you are still too young to discover Rimor. Hang in there, it’s worth the wait 😊!

Are you old enough to discover Rimor?